Digital Transformation


Our Goal: Fully Integrate and Transform your Organization

  • Integrating technology into business processes is complex. It involves establishing new best practices around data management, software deployments, mobility, and security, while simultaneously migrating (or replacing) existing systems to modern infrastructure.

  • We help guide and support you in making a seamless and successful transformation, setting your business up to take advantage of the latest technology in order to provide the ultimate experience for your employees and your customers.


Technology Landscape Assessments

This assessment is key in validating the alignment between your organizational strategy and current technology, business applications, and data architecture. We analyze your technology interdependencies and infrastructure in order to recommend a future state that matches your business goals. By identifying operational inefficiencies and focusing on specific areas of improvement, we can help you develop and prioritize the key processes that drive your business.


We can help you evaluate and choose the ideal Software as a Service (SaaS) or Web-based platform for your organization.  There are currently hundreds of options available for all types of business applications - from Accounting and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), through to Email (Office365), Human Resource Management (HRM), and Management Information Systems (MIS). We connect with and review the top providers in order to ensure that you have the critical information required to make the right decision based on your business needs.  After the platform is selected, we work with you and the software implementation team in managing the entire project, from testing through to “go live”. 

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence(BI) allows organizational leaders to leverage data in order to make informed and timely decisions. We help you understand your data and prioritize key business needs and challenges.  BI can help you accelerate marketing ROI and kickstart sales (increase revenue/profit), adapt swiftly to changing market variables, and stay ahead of your competition. Our experienced BI professionals can also measure organizational performance and success (KPIs), improve data accuracy and compliance, and understand customer behaviour.

CLOUD Migration

We can assist in the entire process of deploying your organization's digital assets, services, IT resources, or applications to the cloud.  Migrating to the cloud can be a complex endeavour.  We work with you in creating a plan that identifies your current assets and dependencies in order to ensure a seamless transition. With new server virtualization technology, we can can migrate current hardware to new virtual environments that can effectively reduce costs and mitigate risk.

Data Analytics

Our BI professionals use techniques that reveal trends that can often be missed in the massive amounts of data produced by an organization. Understanding key business metrics and analytics allows business leaders to make more informed strategic decisions.  We can help you organize, collect, and analyze your data in order to give you greater insight into your business needs.  The goal is to help you reduce costs by identifying more efficient processes while optimizing business performance.

Diasaster Recovery Planning

Critical to all organizations in today’s age of increased dependency on information technology is a proper Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).  Above all, a business must be able to recover and protect its IT infrastructure in the event of a natural, environmental, or man-made disaster. We can assess and document your current infrastructure landscape and recommend ways to prevent failures, detect threats, and correct areas of concern.  We can help you implement a plan that ensures you have reliable systems, proper backups, as well as a means to recover data and resume business operations.